Revinate DNA (Internal-facing)

A living document which houses Revinate's core values

RevDev / Revinate Development Team (Internal-facing)

The engineering org within Revinate hosts an annual hackathon by the same name

Revinate Culture Club

Revinate program promoting culture and diversity across the org

Revinate Heroes

Revinate program featuring & promoting hospitality professionals

Revinate University

Revinate program providing education and training to hospitality professionals worldwide

Revininja / Revinate Ninja (Internal-facing)

An honor bestowed upon Revinate employees

Amnesty International Firefly Project

NYC-based activist collective affiliated with Amnesty International USA as local group #704

Books Not Bombs

Student-led peace coalition

TheaterMania.com BroadwayIndex Widget

Dow Jones style ticker hosted by TheaterMania

CPUSA 28th National Convention / 85th Anniversary

Identity for the CPUSA's 28th annual convention which coincided with its 85th anniversary and was held in Chicago in 2005

M3 Cloud - TapSense

Marketing platform for retail apps, which optimizes mobile ad campaigns to revenue through cohort analysis


Non-profit challenging abusive stereotypes and other biased information commonly found in the media through education and action

Movable Byte*

Mobile gaming company


Shipping center


Radio City Rockettes

[Proposed] Precision dance company

Walmart Everyday

Walmart membership program

Walmart FastPass

Walmart membership program

Walmart Flex

Walmart membership program

Walmart Unlimited

Walmart membership program