Report: People Before Profits


People Before Profits is the umbrella under which I worked on a number of projects for various organizations—namely: The Communist Party of the USA, The Young Communist League, Political Affairs, and People's World.

My Role

As PBP's Designer-in-Residence, I branded a number of organizations and initiatives in addition to creating collateral—in varying degrees—for each. This included large scale signage, magazine layouts, flyers, advertisements and swag. All efforts were aimed at the greater good: democracy, labor rights, women’s equality, racial justice and peace. Below you'll find a selection of that work.


People Before Profits
Young Communist League, USA
CPUSA 28th National Convention / 85th Anniversary
Books Not Bombs
Peace Zone
Students for Peace
Youth United Delegation / 3rd US - Cuba Youth Exchange

Graphics / Illustrations

Puppeted Patriotism
South American Solidarity
Free World
Marxist Thought

Dynamic Magazine Spreads

Dynamic Magazine