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Revinate helps hotels know more about their guests so they can deliver personalized experiences that create valuable relationships and lifelong customers. Headquartered in San Francisco—with offices in Amsterdam, Singapore and San José, Costa Rica—Revinate counts over 30,000 of the world’s leading hotels as customers.

My Role

I was hired by Revinate in early 2015 to work on all outward-facing materials. About a year in, I took the initiative of pitching a rebrand to the company's two founders. As a stakeholder, I could see there was an opportunity for us to tell a better story through our identity and proceeded to lay out a broad vision, some of which you can see executed below.

In addition to designing a new identity system and various sub-brands, I was responsible for redesigning the corporate website and all of our printed and online marketing collateral. I was not, however, involved in the design (or redesign) of our apps at that point in time. As such, I had to make sure that the rebrand did not feel totally foreign or separate from our products as they existed then. This limited what I could do in terms of colors and typography but was a welcomed challenge nonetheless.

As our products evolved, so did our internal org structure and within time I became a key contributor to the visual design and UX on the product side as well. I've seen my design team grow from two people to seven and continue to manage a global team of contractors who execute on a number of deliverables spanning across every department within Revinate. The aforementioned organizational changes also translated into a necessary shift in my responsibilities which has laid the groundwork for an upcoming UX overhaul and website refresh that will better reflect recent updates to the company's market positioning—all of which will continue to be built on the identity I created and the work I've shared here. You can see the old logo on some collateral at the bottom of this page.

The Rebrand

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