Report: Walmart ShippingPass


In 2016, Walmart launched a pilot program called ShippingPass—a membership program that customers signed up for to receive unlimited two-day shipping for $49 per year—in a bid to compete with Amazon Prime.

My Role

From 2014-2015 I joined SF-based agency Swirl to work on their two biggest accounts at the time: Microsoft and Walmart. Throughout that period, I helped concept and execute a number of ad campaigns in the print, digital, and television space for them both, but this case study focuses on one project in particular that, in my mind, stood out from the rest: branding Walmart's answer to Amazon Prime.

As a group, we put together a short list of names and then worked independently to flesh out identities. I've selected four of the proposals I created to feature here in three different contexts: one mark and two lockups (one utilizing the mark and the other utilizing Walmart's master brand). It took another year for Walmart to roll out the pilot, at which point I had already parted ways with Swirl. Walmart ultimately decided on the name, "ShippingPass"—in part (if not in full) because they limited the scope of the program to shipping. Nevertheless, they incorporated one of my early concepts—for the Walmart Flex identity seen below—as its mark. 

Typography choices were limited to the Myriad Pro family, Walmart's primary typeface, but the mark and color palette were wide open so long as they fit the Walmart brand. With this in mind, I took elements from Walmart's own mark—internally referred to as "The Spark"—and incorporated them into all of the proposed marks shared here.

Walmart Everyday

Walmart FastPass

Walmart Flex

Walmart Unlimited